Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sympathy Card

I made this card for a friend of Phil's whose father had died recently. I find it very hard to make a sympathy card for a man, all seem to be very girly because they normally are flowers that you put on them. I tried to make this one more for a man sticking to the blues and using a textured back ground paper. I used my copics and pencil crayons with OMS. I found that the end result was what I was hoping for, more masculine. I hope that you like what I have done and thanks for stopping by. I hope to be adding more posts in the near future. Have a great day. Diane
All products used for this card came from The Rubber Room craft and online store.

Worker Ant

Hi All,

Well after a very long few months I am back. Between getting married moving and starting on a new contract I have been one very busy worker Ant. I have finally gotten better after being down for a few weeks with that nasty flu bug. Not 100% as of yet but I am getting there. But I am sure you didn't stop by to hear my tails of my busy life you stopped by to see my cards. This Worker Ant card is one of High Hopes stamp and I thought it was a cute one to do as my first card back in a while. I coloured the worker ant with copics. I made the card to be like a match book. I had a lot of fun colouring him while I was down and out with the flu. All supplies came from the Rubber Room craft and online store. Thanks for stopping by Diane.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wedding invites

Hi all,
First off let me say I have had a very busy the past few weeks and have not been able to get on to post, or make anything. We, Phil and I, have now bought a house and have set a wedding date. Yup we move the 15 of Aug. (we get the keys on the 13th) and we get married the following weekend. Whew busy busy busy. My parents are having our wedding in their backyard. They are doing so much to try and make this a day to remember. Mom and I have now found my dress and shoes, Dad has gotten the caterer and they both have decided on a place to get cupcakes, nice touch instead of a big cake. I don't want a big wedding so it is a very small wedding with less then 40 all together. Anyways Thanks to The Rubber Room and my good friend Shirley I am posting my wedding invites. Shirley had a sample of this card done up that she had made for a family members wedding invite and I like it so much she lent me the stamp set. The Rubber Room did the wording on it and I did the rest. Hope you like it. once I have the thank you gifts done I will post them as well. Have a great week and I hope to have something new to post soon.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Quick Note...

Hi Everyone,

Let me first start off by saying I am sorry I haven't gotten anything posted in a long while. The reason for this is that Phil and I have been looking high and low for a house. We have gone through now 3 offers, 2 that were not accepted and 1 that fell through when we did the home inspection. As of tonight we have found the house!!! I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason, after the last fell through because of home inspection we found the one that we want to call home. Both Phil and I love it, it is a beautiful house that we could have many many happy years in. As a side note I did not see this house until tonight, Phil and my father were the first to check it out this morning and called me at work saying that I had to see it tonight no time to waste. Even before I saw it I keep referring to it when we talked, it was the one that stuck out in my mind, call it a big gut feeling, anyways we went through it tonight with both my parents and we all agreed it was a beautiful house. I hope I am not jinxing it by saying all this but please keep you fingers crossed!! Tomorrow will be a very long day. Will keep everyone posted. Have a great night and I promise as soon as I can I will post more cards.

Monday, June 8, 2009


Okay have to post this one quick, we are getting a thunderstorm here like you would not believe and I do not want the power to knock out while I am in the middle of this post.

This card is made with a stamp from The Greeting Farm. I decided I wanted to play around with Copic Markers and Prismacolour pencil crayons. This is the end result. I first coloured it with Copics, one base colour, then I went over it with my Primsacolour pencil crayons and OMS. I like the effect it gave her because is gave a softer look to the Copics while still keeping the brightness of them. I purchased all supplies used in this card at The Rubber Room and on line store.

Well I am off, thanks for stopping by my blog and have a wonderful rest of the week.


Loves Me...

Good Evening and Happy Monday,

Okay sorry for being so slow with the posts this week but sometimes life just happens. It seems some weeks I just have to many irons on the fire, this week was one of them.

Now on with the card...

I did this card and it is going to be a sample at The Rubber Room, if they like it that is LOL. I fell in love with this little cutie that is a stamp from motivet. The Rubber Room has a large selection of this furry little friends and I begged to do this one. Isn't she just the cutest. I coloured her with Prismacolour pencils and OMS. I used at least 3 different shades of blue, yellow and green on her and about 4 different browns, I think she turned out okay. All supplies came from The Rubber Room and online store.

Have a wonderful evening!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pink Fairy Girl

Good Morning All and Happy Saturday,
This morning I am posting this card I made for The Rubber Room. This stamp is from The Greeting Farm I colour her in Copic Markers and the paper is from Pink Filigree Corner, I cut out some of the small flowers and glued them on with the edges curled up. I think this would make a very cute birthday card for a little girl.

Have a great Saturday and weekend.

All products used came from The Rubber Room and online store.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

A+ Teacher Copic Colour Challenge # 14

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Today I am getting ready for yet another year end of school. I thought this would be a very cute sample for a child to give to there teacher as a Thank You card at the end of school. I don't know about you but I the first think I thought of and remembered was that green paper lining the upper walls of the classroom with the alphabet on it, no naturally I had to add it to my card.
The Stamp is by The Greeting Farm, I used a pergamono pencil on the black card stock to make it look like a chalk board. The teacher I did in Copics and used Y08 Acid Yellow for the hair,and R27 Cadmuim Red. This is for the Copic Colour Challenge #14:
So this weeks challenge colours for you all are:
Y08 Acid Yellow
R27 Cadmuim Red
B14 Bright Blue.

This card was made using supplies that were purchased from The Rubberrom and their online store.
Thanks for stopping by
Have a wonderful day

Monday, May 18, 2009

"New Position" High Hopes Challenge #31 and Copic Challenge # 13

Double Whammy

This card I made is not only a double whammy being that it can be entered in two different challenges:

Challenge 13
Welcome to the Copic Colour Challenge - Challenge 13 !
This weeks Challenge is a little different, we want you to follow Maddy's sketch below . You can use whatever colours in copics you wish this week ! You can turn the sketch round if you wish to also .
High Hopes Challenge #31
Can Ya Doodle???
Can Ya Doodle??? Now this can be doodling around the frame of your image, you can doodle to make your own patterned paper, it can be any extra pen work you do on your card.

But it was also a good-bye card for a very close friend and co-worker who has not left to move to the US where she is going to marry the man of her dreams. Amber was and still is, all be it now a long distance, friend. We spend many Sundays at work doing Crafts of some sort, some for work, some for fun. But I am getting off topic. As I was saying this card I made her because she is now on to her new position as a housewife. Hence the play saying on the card.
I added the "doodles" around the edges of the picture frame and coming form the flowers, for the high hopes Challenge. For the Copic Challenge instead of circles I used flowers and for the straight line I used my ribbon. I used Copic Markers to colour the girl in. The Stamps is from High Hopes newest releases.

All supplies I used for this card are from The Rubber Room and on line store.

Thanks for stopping by

Young Love

Good Evening everyone!

So tonight I am posting a sample I did for The Rubber Room, I got the idea from Splitcoaststampers, sorry don't remember who I got the pattern from but I will try and find it out to link up. The stamps I used where from Pink Cat Studios. I coloured them with Copic Markers. I wanted to add something a little different and so I mounted the kids on the bike with a spring, this nifty little trick I leaned from Karen, or as I like to call her Jedi Master. I figured it added something to the whole card. All supplies come from The Rubber Room and their on line store.
I am not sure what else I should add to these blog entries so if you find I am missing something please let me know as I am learning the ropes so to speak.

Hope you have a wonderful evening. Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mothers Day Gift.

Hi All,

Let me start by saying to all Mothers, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!! I can't say this enough because I know what I was like growing up and what my poor mother had to put up with and still has to put up with.

Okay now on to what I did for my mom for her special day, well one of them anyways (lol). I made this really cute wheel barrel, that I got from Card Carousel and enlarged to 150%. The little watering bug is from High Hopes Rubber Stamps and the flowers well they came from my stash that I got here there and everywhere. I coloured with Copics. All other supplies not already listed I purchased from The Rubber Room and on line store.
Hope everyone has a wonderful night and a great Mothers Day!

P.S. Yes I have to say I also put under the flowers a GC for a Gardening Store that my mom loves to go to. This was a gift from Phil and I.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Copic Color Challenge 11

I am submitting my Danni Dress Up for the Copic challenge 11 the colours we had to use were Y08, BG13, E31. Since I only have Y08 I used that as my focal point by doing the dress in this color. I had to put the red for the hat, shoes and gloves but I just love the sharpness of the colour with the yellow. The purple boa, well hey don't all Red Hat ladies have a purple boa. I also used Stickles on the dress to make it look like it had glitz on it. The stamp is by High Hopes and all supplies used in this card I purchased from the Rubber Room.
Have a wonderful evening

Danni Dress Up

Hi all,

Tonight I finished off two cards of the same stamp one done in Prismacolor pencils with OMS and the other with Copic markers because I am going to try my hand at another challenge. Wish me luck.

This card is done as I said with prismacolor pencils and OMS. I also used stickles and Glossy accents on her pearls. I want to say a HUGE thank you to both Cathy and Karen at the Rubber Room who helped me pick out the paper to do both my cards. This and/or the my Copic card will be on display at the Rubber Room. That I am leaving in Cathy's ball court as to which one or both or hey neither she wants. Thanks for stopping by.


Friday, May 1, 2009

All ready for bed

Good Evening everyone,

Well Tonight the hour is growing late and I must be up for work in the morning but I though I would show you what I worked on last night while at the Rubber Room with Cathy and Joe and Karen stopped by too. This adorable little girl was what I wanted to do, although I by looking at this card I have to really take a computer course in how to get the true colours to come out in the pictures. This little girl was done on pink and navy card stock, the flowered background paper is a pinky orange kind of colour. Anyways I am getting way off track. I did this girl in prismacolor pencils (for the flesh tones) and copic markers. On the bear I got a piece of plastic and dabbed on some dark brown to make it look like fur, this is very hard to see in the picture but it is there. I then coloured around the whole picture in a very light blue prismacolour pencil and of course it and the flesh tones I used orderless mineral spirits.

Have a good night everyone and a great weekend.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Ant

Good Evening all...
Tonight I am posting a card that I made as a sample for the Rubber Room and I made on for my brother Mike's birthday that is on the 8th. I decided on the High Hopes Ant because like all their new releases it was fun! I used Copic Markers for him and added a few flowers. You can not really tell from this photo but I did it all in brown tones not black. I hope you like him. Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Witch with Attitude

Happy Monday all... Okay maybe not. If you are like me Monday was not any great shakes. I had to work overtime yet again. Ahh well what we won't do for our jobs. So with that in mind the card I am posting tonight is one that not only had the humor factor but also it has the sentiment that we all may have shared at one time or another.

I got the set of stamps from Third Coast Stamps. I coloured the whole thing with Prismacolor pencils and Orderless Mineral Spirits. The back ground paper is from the Kindergarten Stack. I figured word paper made it look like the mirror was say a whole bunch of things to her at the time she broke it.

Well that is all for tonight. Have a great week everyone.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lazy Ant High Hopes Challenge # 27

This will be the first time I have ever taken part in a challenge.
Well I am hooked I have been bitten with the Copic bug. As you can see from my latest post. This little guy will is just to much fun to make. I did this with Copic markers. The layout I have to say I huge thanks to Cathy from the Rubber Room for giving me a hand with it. This cute little guy is now on display at the Rubber Room with the Copic's to show people what they can do with them. Well I am off now to play some more with them. Have a great evening.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Young Love

Hi everyone and happy Wednsday! Well I finally did it, I got some Copic markers, Cathy at the Rubber Room had them in stock and I thought yup I am going to get them. Here is what I did as my first attempt at using them. The image is from Pink Cat Studio. It is a learning curve I will say that much. Please let me know what you think. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great rest of the week. Diane

Sunday, April 19, 2009

"Moo"d Swings

This card I did with all High Hopes Stamps. I just love the expression on the cows face. I colored it using Prismacolor pencils and mineral spirits, this was my first time ever veering away from using my beloved Tombows. I must say that I love using them as much as Tombows now! I had a lot of fun doing this card the inside caption read, isn't menopause udderly depressing.
My next big adventure is get some Copics to try them next.
Thanks for stopping by.

Down in the Dumps ?!

The last couple of days seem to have lasted forever so I thought I am going to give myself and others a good laugh by posting this Down in the Dumps card I made. The stamp is a Judith stamp and I painted it with Tombows and added Stickles on the flowers. The background I used a toilet paper stamp, also by Judith, I had. Thanks for stopping by I hope you have a great day. Diane

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Get Well Card

Penny Black Get Well Card
I really love using Penny Black Hedgies they are such fun and make a great pick me up card for anyone, cause lets face it who wouldn't smile at this little guy.

Water Fairy

Tonight I thought I would post this Water Fairy I did for a friend for her Birthday. I pained the image in Tombows. Thanks for stopping by. Di

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Corset Fun

Hi All,

Now that I have started this blog I figure I might as well get all the pictures I have of different things I made up on it for all who are interested to see. This corset I enlarged to 190% of the original pattern that I got from Card Carousel. If you like it I urge you to go to their website and see all the neat things they have. I will be posting different things I have made from the patterns I purchased. Diane

Corset fun

High Hopes Ant

This is one of the new High Hopes Ant. I have been wanting this little guy from the fist time I went on the High Hopes Website.

Big Girl Pants

I got this stamp set from Third Coast Stamps after seeing it in Just Cards Magazine and fell in love with it.

My Very First Post

Hi my name is Diane and I have been playing with rubber stamping and card making for about 5 years now. Friends and family have been saying for a long time that I have to start a blog so here it is. Thanks for coming out and looking at my creations.