Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wedding invites

Hi all,
First off let me say I have had a very busy the past few weeks and have not been able to get on to post, or make anything. We, Phil and I, have now bought a house and have set a wedding date. Yup we move the 15 of Aug. (we get the keys on the 13th) and we get married the following weekend. Whew busy busy busy. My parents are having our wedding in their backyard. They are doing so much to try and make this a day to remember. Mom and I have now found my dress and shoes, Dad has gotten the caterer and they both have decided on a place to get cupcakes, nice touch instead of a big cake. I don't want a big wedding so it is a very small wedding with less then 40 all together. Anyways Thanks to The Rubber Room and my good friend Shirley I am posting my wedding invites. Shirley had a sample of this card done up that she had made for a family members wedding invite and I like it so much she lent me the stamp set. The Rubber Room did the wording on it and I did the rest. Hope you like it. once I have the thank you gifts done I will post them as well. Have a great week and I hope to have something new to post soon.